We are thrilled to introduce the #JadeArtistDrop campaign, a unique fusion of art and cannabis, brought to you by Jade Cannabis & Qualcan. This project is all about celebrating our local Nevadan artistic talent!

About Qualcan:

Qualcan is known for its exceptional cannabis strains that have gained popularity across Nevada. We're now on a mission to infuse art into our strains' branding and create something truly special.

The Project:

We are inviting talented artists from across Nevada to create limited edition branding for some of Qualcan's most beloved cannabis strains. If you're an artist who's passionate about your craft and the cannabis culture, this is your opportunity to shine.

This project spans over the course of a year, and we anticipate selecting multiple artists. If you don't receive immediate communication from us, please understand that it doesn't necessarily indicate a non-selection. We will reach out to you when it's your turn to design the label.

How It Works:

  1. Submit your ideas to us through the provided form. This could be a rough concept or a showcase of your artistic style, giving us a glimpse of what you could create for the brand.
  2. Your ideas will be carefully reviewed.
  3. We'll inform you whether you've been chosen to collaborate.
  4. If selected, you'll be tasked with creating the label. We'll aim to give you a minimum of 30 days to complete the artwork.

Creative Direction:

Picture your art gracing the packaging of a cannabis strain, a canvas waiting for your creative touch. We want to emphasize that you have absolute artistic freedom. We recommend crafting artwork that can seamlessly adapt to various packaging sizes. Your task is to capture the essence of cannabis as a whole. The strain's name won't be known until closer to production, so your creation should embody the spirit of cannabis without needing to include specific strain details.

Payment & Usage:

Below are the Dielines

Use the arrows to dropdown the design. If you scroll over the guidelines, there is a pop up at the top right where you can download the design.

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If you have any issues please email [email protected]